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LOS ANGELES, SIGGRAPH Booth #2000, Aug. 14, 2001 -- The creation of computer-generated stereoscopic 3D images has traditionally been a complex task. Since the 1950s, graphic artists have been achieving amazing milestones in advancing the creation of stereoscopic 3D. Cycore has combined these technical advances in stereoscopy into a Cult3D wizard that will help artists step-by-step in the creation of high-quality stereoscopic images. Cult3D users are now able to explore the exciting world of non-immersive stereoscopy -- with ease and speed. Beginners can use the wizard to automatically create perfect Cult3D stereoscopic objects, without having to worry about the numerous settings that are normally associated with the technology.

"This is the first time users can publish and view a fully interactive and photo-realistic digital product replica whereby the end-user can interact and view it in 3D with full-color stereoscopy," said Jerry Pettersson, Cycore's chief technology officer and founder. "Amazing, full-color stereo 3D can now be achieved without expensive hardware such as graphics workstations and/or shutter glasses."

Cycore Cult3D, used by many of the world's leading brands such as Ericsson, NEC and CNN, provides low-bandwidth interactive 3D images that can be viewed by virtually anyone with a computer.

Extending the stereoscopic advances in Cult3D, Cycore has also included the revolutionary ColorCode 3-D(TM) technology within Cult3D 5.3 which allows the user to view high-quality stereoscopic 3D images on nearly all display media with full-color and depth information and no flickering.

Adding further depth and perspective to Cult3D's visual and interactive realism, Cult3D artists can now easily add stereo to their 3D models directly within the Cult3D Designer tool using the wizard. Inexpensive paper ColorCodeViewer(TM) glasses can be mass-produced and used to explore full- color 3D images on nearly all display media, driving traffic directly from print ads to Web sites in marketing campaigns. Unlike traditional stereo 3D, ColorCode-enhanced Cult3D objects look like ordinary Cult3D objects to the naked eye using this revolutionary patented technology.

Dassault Aviation recently used the beta version of Cult3D with Stereo at the 44th annual Paris Air Show to showcase its Rafale, Mirage and Falcon business jets.

"The impressive stereoscopic effect resulting from the use of the ColorCodeViewer glasses added an attractive element to the Cult3D airplane models we showcased online at the show," said Patrick Van Den Bossche, Editorial & Multimedia Manager at Dassault Aviation Communications & External Relations Department. "In addition to the Cult3D animations themselves, the stereo element further emphasized Dassault's commitment to high-technology. The thousands of ColorCodeViewer glasses distributed were an excellent way by which to generate awareness for the Dassault brand and encourage Internet surfers to continue visiting our Web site."

In addition to Cycore's pioneering stereoscopy developments, Cult3D 5.3 has been enhanced with features that further speed up and simplify the 3D object creation process, including automated Cult3D object creation, even smoother integration into 3ds max(R) and an enhanced JavaAPI.

- Command line support in Cult3D Designer - Creation of arbitrary numbers of Cult3D objects and screenshots can now be automatically done from any Windows application or environment that is able to launch another application (for instance from a 3ds max script or by writing a DOS batch program). Cult3D designers can now quickly and easily create variations or specialized versions of a master Cult3D object. Simply by jotting down a short command script animators can, for instance, create Cult3D objects with sound tracks localized to different countries, or one object for each different texture available. Composite and hierarchical Cult3D objects can also be easily produced with Cult3D 5.3.

- Scriptable 3ds max Exporter - Version 5.3 of the Cult3D Exporter for 3ds max can be controlled from the 3ds max scripting environment.
Export of large numbers of 3ds max objects into .c3d format -- and
processing them with the Cult3D Designer 5.3 into Web-ready .co objects

-- can now be entirely automated with just a few lines of code.

- Enhanced JavaAPI


New class to get the properties of the embedding Cult3D window. Method to check which Nodes are under a certain X, Y position.

New class to represent and manage Cult3D particle systems.


New class to represent and manage Cult3D Tooltips. Tooltips may now be dynamically modified with Java.


Added methods to be able to retrieve the node that is currently under
the mouse pointer.

Added methods to get and set the intensity of materials.


Added group of methods to retrieve view frustrum information about the active camera. New method to check whether a camera is currently

CultEvent methods

- New method to check status of an event. New flag to triggerEvent
method, force trigger even if event is deactivated (backward

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