Cambridge Animation Systems Releases Animo Inkworks
Providing Cartoon Cel Look for 3D StudioMAX and Maya





New Orleans, July 25, 2000 -- Cambridge Animation Systems announces the release of Animo Inkworks, a plug-in that allows Alias|Wavefront's Maya and 3D Studio MAX users to assign cartoon materials to 3D scenes and models, creating the effect of hand-drawn animation.

Animo Inkworks furthers Cambridge Animation Systems’ pioneering work to eliminate barriers between 2D and 3D animation. "Inkworks makes it very easy to achieve a traditional cartoon cel animation look within popular 3D software packages," says Phil Barrett, Cambridge’s head of product development. "While other vendors are still wrestling with 2D/3D integration issues, we have released three solid products – Animo 3.1 and now Scene III and Inkworks – that are already in full production use."

Animo Inkworks gives users the flexibility to do the following:

-select the color and extent of base,
-shade and highlight areas control the blending between colored areas control the inklines on edges,
-silhouettes and folds animate paint color, as well as line color and thickness,
-independently treat ink lines and paint regions separately

Inkworks allows 3D data to be output directly from Maya or 3D Studio MAX as pre-painted, regionalized Animo levels, complete with color models. Regions can be defined by material or object, and levels can be output as basic gray-scale unpainted drawings. Inkworks provides the ability to export 3D data from Maya and 3D Studio MAX into Animo through Scene III. This allows integration between 2D and 3D. Users can also import motion data from Animo back into Maya or 3D Studio MAX.

Enabling New Types of Productions Like Animo itself, Inkworks is already being embraced by a wide range of studios for diverse types of projects. Klasky Csupo is using Animo Inkworks for the upcoming feature film Rugrats in Paris. Independent animator Derek Cummings is using the software for a 7-minute animated film short for the National Film Board of Canada. Cummings says that Animo Inkworks allows him to do things that would be very difficult or impossible to do otherwise given his budget constraints: "Animo Inkworks provides the perfect interface because it allows me to build and animate complex architectural and birds-eye scenes within which my 2D, hand-drawn characters can move freely," says Cummings. "In essence, Inkworks allows me to create complex, computer-animated scenes, while preserving the traditional look I want and delivering on schedule."

About: Animo
The Animo line of products was developed and is marketed exclusively by Cambridge Animation Systems, with headquarters in Cambridge, U.K. Animo, now with 3D integration, is the world's leading 2D professional animation software, with an installed base of nearly 2,000 seats in more than 50 countries. It is used for feature films, animated television series, commercials, games and multimedia development by leading studios worldwide, including Warner Brothers, DreamWorks SKG, Nelvana Limited, Pentafour Software, Tape House, Shine Digital, Praxinos, and Colorland.

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